Xyngular 8-Day Challenge: Final

Final Results

Starting Weight: 325.2 lbs

Previous Day’s Weight: 313.8 lbs

Morning Weigh-In: 313.8 lbs

Daily Change in Weight: 0.0 lbs (Shawna: -2.0)

Total Weight Loss: 11.4 lbs (Shawna: 8.4 lbs)

Daniel Before-After First 8 Day

Unfortunately, the lighting for these was atrocious.  These were taken during early morning in an apartment with low lighting.  The flash tried to compensate, but it wasn’t working out.

Daniel Before-After First 8 Day FRONT



  • Daniel: (original) 52″, (final) 50.5″ = -1.5″
  • Shawna: -1.5″


  • Daniel: (original) 53″, (final) 50″ = -3.0″
  • Shawna -4.0″


  • Daniel: (original) 47″, (final) 45″ = -2.0″
  • Shawna: (no change)


  • Daniel: (no change)
  • Shawna: -0.5″


  • Daniel: (no change)
  • Shawna: -1.0″

Total inches lost:

  • Daniel: 8.5″
  • Shawna: 8.5″

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned in the last post.  Shawna and I have decided that, after a day off, we are going to begin the Challenge again starting on Tuesday.  We’ve been pleased with the results we’ve seen so far and not just the weight loss.  We’ve noticed a few other changes over these past 8 days as well.  We feel much more alert.  Shawna usually drinks 2-3 cups of coffee a day, but she has not had any since Day 1 of the challenge.  I don’t drink coffee myself, but I’ve also been surprised by a boost in energy and alertness over the past week.

Conversely, Shawna also usually takes a sleep aid every weeknight.  Again, she has not taken any since Day 1.  Neither of us have any chronic pain or other dysfunction that we know of, so it’s hard to make a comment on things like allergies or aching.

Another great benefit has been the opportunity to stop eating long enough to really think about what we want to be putting into our body. As we think about buying groceries and food, we’re actually considering the nutritional content of the food–not just carbs and protein, but micro-nutrients as well. “What vitamins and minerals can we get from this? What kinds of fats, carbs, and proteins does it have?” We had given these questions some thought before, but it always seemed like it was while we were in the grocery aisle, without the time to actually look up the answers.

Shawna has been particularly impressed by the appetite suppressants in the Xyng and Accelerate.  They have helped us both learn the difference between eating to feel good and eating for fuel.

I’m looking forward to exercising again.  Given the decrease in calories that the Challenge required, Jeannette recommended that we not do much exercise until it was complete. Before we started the challenge, I would spend about an hour on our elliptical 3-4 times a week.  The meter on the machine counted about 1200 calories burned each time (though I’m sure that’s a very loose estimate).  This is almost as many calories as we consumed on our “eating days” during the Challenge.  I’m hopeful that beginning to exercise again will keep the weight coming off.

I also like the fact that the Challenge lasts 8 days, rather than 7. From the perspective of the Challenge itself, this allows for your final day to be a protein-only day. It wouldn’t make too much sense (in my opinion) to make the last day of the Challenge an “eating day”. But another benefit is the fact that it throws you out of a cycle. If it were only 7 days, I would probably want to take a break for 7 days and then maybe start up again. The fact that it lasts 8 days breaks that need of routine for me. I feel like I could take one or two days off and then start up again, rather than waiting a whole week.

There were several instances during the last 8 days where we didn’t exactly follow the plan precisely.  Whether this was an accident (forgetting to take a supplement) or intentional (topping off an 800 calorie “sensible” meal with some birthday cake), we are hoping that we will be more careful during this next 8 days.

A Final Rant 😉

It should be stated again that the 8-Day challenge is just one aspect of Xyngular’s health plan.  It is an initial stage intended to jump-start fat burning.  No one is planning on living this way for the rest of their life.  Xyngular has different plans for those who have completed the Ignite and 8-Day stage.  I have received a few comments from people during this challenge cautioning us as to what is unhealthy about certain methods of weight-loss (losing weight too quickly, not getting enough nutrients, etc.).  Again, the way that Shawna and I have been eating for the past 8 days is not the way we plan to eat for the rest of our lives.  We are hoping that it has given our metabolism a shock and has kicked our fat-burning into gear.  As unhealthy as some of the aspects of the plan may be if carried on forever, they are no less healthy than high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or any of the other health risks associated with the way we used to eat–a way common among many in our culture.

If it were easy for people to, one day, just wake up and immutably correct their eating and lifestyle habits, then perhaps none of this would be necessary.  But unfortunately we live in a culture where, not only is it necessary to exercise great willpower in these choices, but that willpower is constantly distracted by the temporary gratification that these unhealthy lifestyles offer.

If you’ve followed this blog and watched our experiences and decided that this isn’t something for you, that’s great.  Everybody is different, and some people, whether it’s out of curiosity or just desperation are more open to trying this kind of thing than others.

I’m glad that this blog has been helpful to those who’ve told me so over the past 8 days, and I look forward to posting periodic updates on our continued status.


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